About Us

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Techno Citer-Net was founded in a small village in Quebec, Roxton Pond, in 1985. Over the years, Michel Brasseur, founder of the tank washing station, has been able to evolve brilliantly. Starting with a system of single manual washes, the entrepreneur implemented various equipment in order to create a highly sophisticated washing system with automated bays.

In 2000, in order to be closer to the metropolis and major roadways, Techno Citer-Net moved to the south shore of Montreal, in La Prairie. Over a 485,000 sq. ft property, Mr Brasseur built one of the largest washing rooms in Quebec, containing five interior and two exterior spaces, all while adhering to ITA's food safety standards.

Furthermore, in order to have specialized technicians on-site, the ITA has trained Techno Citer-Net's staff on water sanitation and washing techniques.

To diversity its services, the company has acquired an interior and exterior rail network in order to offer its customer base the opportunity to transship liquid and dry products and to store wagons.

With more than 45 years of experience in the area of tank wash, the company is dedicated to its customers and offers impeccable washing service.