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Techno Citer-net strives to comply with all environmental standards!

Techno Citer-net is well equipped to treat waste water. A pumping and waste water recovery system is installed on-site in order to treat waste water before releasing it into the city's sewer system. The wastewater is collected in a large tank in which technicians extract oils and solid residues. The wastewater is then treated with a physiochemical process including the following elements:

  • Separation of coarse solids, oils and greases,
  • PH adjustment,
  • Coagulation and flocculation,
  • Flotation by dissolved air.

Techno Citer-net's facilities are state of the art; a high capacity heating system is on site to heat product located inside train cars, silos or tanks. This steam heating system is widely used and helps with transloading by ensuring that products remain in liquid form.

Two types of heating systems are installed at different places on the site.

  • The first installation allows up to 4 tanks at a time which allows you to heat and maintain the product at the correct temperature. This type of heating is often used for food products such as chocolate, CPK, and several other products.
  • The second type of heating system is located near the washing station, in a room equipped with boilers. This system allows cleaning technicians to wash tanks with extremely hot steam, in order to eliminate any type of bacteria while ensuring impeccable cleanliness.