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Being centrally located in the heart of Laprairie, near the major roads of the metropolis, Techno citer-net offers its clients rail access in order to perform transshipment of products, which allows customers to achieve significant savings in their transportation costs.

In addition, rail access allows you to reduce GHG emissions and promotes energy efficiency improvements in road transportation.

With more than 30 rail car siding, inside and outside, the transshipment center allows you to accommodate a large amount of liquid or dry products Techno Citer-Net is associated with the transportation company Techno citer-net in order to perform any deliveries requested by their customers. They have therefore the opportunity, once train cars have arrived, to transfer their products directly in a tank or well to store for a few days.

The company is also equipped with several specialized facilities, which allow them to heat a product inside a wagon, according to these specifications. Whether if the wagon is on the interior or exterior rails of the transshipment center, product heating is available at all times.

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