Transportation Logistics

Transportation Logistics

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Transportation Logistics is an area that requires a lot of detail work in order to be effective and efficient with regards to the various demands of customers. At Techno Citer-Net, a team is trained and qualified to carry out daily on-site product logistics. The specialists carry out a reading of the products inventory of each of the clients, whether in transit or in the cars on the platform. The team can send a report of the total quantity of products each time a transloading is performed.

No worries, the company takes good care of your inventory!

In addition, the company finds a carrier that will collect your product on Techno Citer-Net's platform for delivery to the manufacturer. All necessary documents will be present with the tank, either the weighing of the product, the washing certificate, the shipment details and any other requested documentation.

Finally, the company is also able to determine the day on which it will receive the cars and which product will be inside, in order to position them in the right place on the platform. We are able to coordinate transloading and carrier pickups properly.

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